Salvatore Russo | 09/03/2015

The triumph of beauty
The contemporary art world is a rich world of malaise. A world in which we all try to do the artists, without understanding, however, that to make art, the real one, you must have talent; the talent that has Tatjana Palcuka-Rikane . An artist that testifies the beauty of our world. An artist that, in its magnificent narratives on canvas, it shows us that the figurative painting is not dead. The favorite subjects of the artist are horses, still lifes and women. Anyone who observes such works, is projected into a new Paradise, dominated by the eternal and sublime beauty. The colors that the artist chooses are very warms. With great stylistic skill Tatjana alternates areas of light with the shadows areas. The technique of chiaroscuro is evident. The great merit of the painter, is to be able to dominate the light. Her figures are angelic. Her women become true and own goddesses that rides on horses of light or find themselves having to communicate artistically with peacocks of a stylish appearance. Real melodies. I want to define these splendid works so. Real melodies signical and chromatic, which the artist decides to "play" for us through her brush. Those that the artist creates, are genuine visual poems. Sweet poems to listen and to learn, absolutely, by memory. The works of Tatjana Palcuka-Rikane , are works intended to remain in the history; works that our children, are going to study at school and remember for eternity. Rarely, I have met along my path, an artist with such a representative refinement and elegance. The artist embroiders the most beautiful dress of contemporary art. She embroiders it through the beauty of form and harmony of the colors. There are many years now that I follow the creative path of the artist, but I have to say that every time I am amazed. The works of Tatjana are golden dreams. Her art is a real triumph of beauty. A beauty that should be savored like the madeleine of Marcel Proust: in order to rediscover that lost time; the time that is related to the beauty of the remembrance. Works, those of Palcuka-Rikane , which brings us back in time; at that time in which dominates the harmony; at that time, free of envy, the malaise and the injustice of man. Works able to conquer our eyes and the attention of the harshest critic too. These are works to observe with eyes open, then close them, and let yourself be transported in the beautiful atmosphere that the artist paints. The observer is thus, in a new Eden. An art, which leaves every shadow linked to the malaise of a sign, and arrives to draw the beauty of the world in which we live. The artist does not need to use linguistic shortcuts linked to silly intellectualism devoid of meaning; but tracks real masterpieces of light: angelic figures able to remain in the collective memory. With great cultural realism I can say that Tatjana Palcuka-Rikane , is an amazing artist and extremely refined; an artist beloved by those who know contemporary art.

Silvija Grosa, dr.of art sciences, | 2009

The fascination of Tatyana,s work seems to derive from her exquisitely psychologikal approach to the subjects,as well as from qualities like lyrical tension and colour perfection that these art works involve. The represented people,animals and objects are like symbolic images arranged into strikingly harmonious compositions where every nuance is of great importanse and colour plays a significant part

Art scientist ,historian Ingrid Burane | 12 2013th

"Seriously, targeted Tatjana Paļčuka gone his way toward the expression and location in Latvian art. Progress at our school the old masters the basics, created, developed, enriched by the presence and personality of their own style of expression individulal reinforcement. Artist directly reveal their interests, world cultural cognitive pathways, their feelings and thoughts in progress on canvas, drawings. it is curious about life's beautiful and full of inexhaustibility, among which perhaps the most important place dedicated to music. Painting and art of sound is much more common, but that does not make the task easier - with the colors and the art form of language to reveal Vivaldi, Bach, Handel, Stravinsky and other Lane of secular spirit of harmony, melody, perceptions of the human mind and spirit unrestricted. Yet the artist's sensibility, knowledge allows her own chosen themes, motion, reflection express their art images and coloristic solutions talented and peculiar. It provides her artistic prominence and success of Latvian and international exhibitions, as well as the proposed and carefully created personal exhibitions.

Joyce Asper, “Agora Gallery “ ,New York

Latvian painter Tanya portrays dreamlike pictures in incredibly sensitive and detailed oil compositions. Though academically trained and currently a professor of painting and drawing, her canvases evade any categorization as academic art. Some of her creations draw on historic styles, while others are more purely surreal. No matter the realism of the scene depicted, her primary subject remains the harmonious co-existence of humans and nature. Her figures often appear on horseback, or alongside dogs and other less domesticated animals. The wondrous environments they inhabit feature subtle shifts in scale and texture, as indoors and outdoors and landforms near and far seem to bleed together.
These subdued yet powerful transformations take on an especially visionary quality due to Tanya’s inexhaustibly inventive exploration of hues. Her compositions feature vast ranges of color, but many are rooted in a subtle yet evocative manipulation of innumerable varieties of white: from mother of pearl and ivory to eggshell, cream and ochre. Gripping images emerge from these finely tuned nature dreamscapes.

Angela Di Bello, arts scientist, gallerist, New York

Tatjana is very gifted and must never change her style based on external demands, it would be wrong to do so. Tatjana's paintings are rich in poetic expression and tug at the heart strings of the human condition, the visual affect is stunning and should not be tampered with.

Art scienticist Salvatore Russo, Italy | Premio della Critica 2014

Real musical, spiritual symphony paint Tatjana Palcuka-Rikane. It is so ornamental and melodic, with huge attention devoted to the smallest detail. His paintings always results in a great spectators love, and a specific great interest in art critics. The artist could have won photography and creates the image of extraordinary performances have the special world of his paintings.

Dino Marasa, art critic | Italy, 2014

In this hectic life we often underestimate the huge, all united nature and the world around us,love and Universe rhythmic breath. We have to fill the life with pleasure, passion and haste. Tatjana Palcuka-Rikane reminds us of this love. As it is important , we see in her lyrical, subtle and technically perfect compositions.

V. Pogodin acad. Art historian. Moscow.

An original and modern still life , the one of Tatjana Palcuka-Rikane. A modern point of view for an old representation. The Artist is clearly skilled of the right painting ability necessary to realize a so original and particular work. In this painting the background so evanescent and sketched , contrasts with the multitude of details of the foreground. Interesting also the choice to put a "live" subject near inanimate objects , maybe to underline the idea that life is everywhere.

Sandro Serradifalco art critic , publisher Palermo-Italy 2014

An original and modern still life , the one of Tatjana Palcuka-Rikane. A modern point of view for an old representation. The Artist is clearly skilled of the right painting ability necessary to realize a so original and particular work. In this painting the background so evanescent and sketched , contrasts with the multitude of details of the foreground. Interesting also the choice to put a "live" subject near inanimate objects , maybe to underline the idea that life is everywhere.

Architect, designer - Alena Bickovic

"We are admirers of Tatyana Palchuk more than 9 years. A love with her first, for us, work began with a meeting with the "Royal Hunt". Seeing this grand ,wonderfull picture, we took love with it. The author of this picture, Tatyana Palchuk , surprisingly soul person invested part of her soul and talent to this work. And we, as contemplatives, see and feel it , in the "Royal Hunt". This ambitious work is full of special flavor Russian snowy winter where snow- its subtle shades of white, very difficult in this respect, is absolutely real. A sense of ease and grace in the movement of people, horses, dogs and again attract the eye. Seeing into the picture there is a sense of reality and some ownership of the situation. Striking full harmony in the world of man and nature. The presence of ladies, written surprisingly delicate and fragile,like a poetic story , sets and gives ordinary hunting scene some intrigue. The picture is excellent color scheme and allows infinitely long to enjoy this masterpiece, revealing new facets of it. This magnificent painting lives next door to us and brings great pleasure to behold it not only to us but also to all included in our house, leaving no one indifferent.
We wish Tatyana Palchuk new discoveries itself and look forward to her amazing works. They bring joy to the owners and serve as a luxurious gift and worthy of the finest collections. "

Santa Rikane (Gaugere)

"I am the owner of Tanya's painting "Still Life with Chessnuts" and "Sad dogs Portrait" for a longer period already. It is located in the central place in our house. In each Tanya's painting there is hidden whole story - gorgeous, but at the same time mysterious. By changing lighting conditions in the room, changes colors in the painting and the story that it depicts. This artist's paintings are unique because you do not get fed up or tired from them. It is often heard that people are changing paintings on the wall from time to time. Tanya's paintings are from those who remain and which you do not want to change. They are so detailed that at every moment you can notice something new. Marvelous masterpiece! "

Nata Livonska. Cesis Exhibition House

21st Century tension of life and art are often trying to shock and amaze the audience. Tatyana Paļčukas art is beauty ,harmony,positivism (this term, even tends to shy Contemporary Art today) and the absolutely unit of the world. Huge “Art of Romance”.
Striking is also the artist's ability to plunge into the historical events of the past. Painting scenes who brought civilization's cultural history, with vibrant color hues spectators entering in event that was so long ago ... .. People, birds, animals - all of God's beloved world of Tatyana Paļčukas art is to multiply the pleasure.

Global art network (USA) | 2013

The 'Banda Marina' share with most of Tatjana's earlier paintings, a predilection for compositional stability. Nearly every painting exhibits a number of key tendency: symmetrical massing, a firm sense of figures and a grounded relation achieved in tonality, and contour. All intellectually accented by a spectrum of color and a central entry point that leads to an unmistakable center of interest. The task is to have the viewer envision the human presence in the scene. Tatjana offers a firmly structured progression for the eye, the viewer becomes mesmerized by the movements but never lost. The eye begins at the center of the image and works its way step by step to the points of interest, guided by the balanced distribution of masses on either side that lead into the distance and then back to the center of interest. The serial engagement in pictorial composition bears the formal structure of story-telling, there is a beginning, middle and end, whose clear articulation and arrangement of figures ensure that one is never lost. There are principal characters, but none of them are an actual historical individual. The task is not portraiture but conventional narration. The characters all operate as players whose role are prescribed by the genre of narration – a fairy tale, folk tale limerick, joke, or parable. The story is about the rehearsal of its familiar formal inclination. It is not meant to innovate or depart from the formula because it's familiar, but because its social and psychological usefulness lies essentially in its conversancy. Anyone can gather round and enjoy it as a social event and can expect stereotypes, cliches and conventional inclination that are a common stock of knowledge.

'Banda Marina' (Marine Band) elaborated oil on canvas composition, assemble in the persona of the Italian Renaissance. Tatjana designed this piece with a series of colors, depicting a range of elegant illusions, like the draperies suspended in the air. The setting is a sophisticated arrangement of style, architectural placement and scale of colors. The aura from this opus can literally put observers in a trance, captivated by the mirror liked harmonic movement of hues and tones. The one-of- akin, in the fold of the drapes as they are stirred by the lyrical winds. Her use of hues and shadows influence the composition design and help radiate the passion in this arrangement. ’Banda Marina’ embodied the skills of an artistic conductor, pushing emotional and intellectual stimulation. The youthful musicians are iconic as they energize the composition.

Tatyana Palcuka, a 30-year master of the art‘s who is pose to be instrumental in art history. Tatyana also spelled Tatjana was born in 1954, in the capital city of Riga, Latvia. She began her studied in Jana Rozentala School of Art in Riga, Latvia in 1967-1973. He earned her bachelor from Latvian (State) Academy of Arts, department of easel- painting where she attended 1975 to 1981. From 1984 to 1987 she studied in post-graduate course (Creative Master Class) in the USSR Academy of Arts in Riga supervised by Eduards Kalnins workshop. She gained extensive technical insight while studying at the State Academy of Art, where Professor Eduards Kalnins - marine painter- and other great masters taught. She continued working and studying at the highest level, Tanya perfected her artistic acumen at the Latvian Academy of Art - including academic drawing and composition skills. In 1987, she received a Master in Fine Arts and Painting.

From the world's artistic heritage Tanya is very close to the Italian Renaissance, Northern Renaissance (15th – 16th century), French Illuminated Manuscripts (15th century). Tatjana is a member of the Latvian Art Union. She's had eight solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions. Her paintings are in public and many private collections around the world. She has exhibited her compositions in twenty-four countries and participated in numerous international group exhibits, solo shows, and global contest. She is a well-recognized artist and a professor of visual art in Riga Latvia. Provenance list consists of prominent business professionals, medical practitioners, and art industry professionals. Tatjana Palcuka is poised to become an influence in the art world. She is also a painting, drawing and composition teacher. Her students work in many countries around the world.

Gallery and painting owner Marina Vinogradova, Felix Vinogradow Berlin 2014.

First impression: You are trapped in a world of gentle kind of dreams, human figures and objects in the paintings seem to be floating in space , momentarily stop ... It could be apples in the snow , and magical winter hunting on horseback with dogs and Autumn Park, and strange game of magical chess with chestnuts . But intently looked closer, you see the subtle brushstrokes, lissiro,air, sometimes translucent pencil lines, very balanced, thoroughly thought-out composition. Work of this adult Great Master. But the feeling that you're in a fairy tale that children's dreams of peace and happiness, good friends and good clear relationship , is here.
Harmony and love - these are now rare feeling - important in exquisite paintings brilliant artist Tatyana Pulchuk-Rikane.