The sucess (Prizes,Awards etc..) of the last period

2011 Exhibition,art fair,art contest “ Librart” Libramont ,Belgium
2011 Exhibition contest “Sons of Contemporary” Italy (prize)
2011 Exhibition international art contest “ Grifoni” Rome,Italy,
2011 Agreement with art gallery “ Agora” New York, Chelsea,USA
2012 Exhibition “ Agora” gallery New York.USA
2012 Participiating, Yicca2012
2012 Art Takes Timesquare participiating
2013 Chelsea International Art Contest participiating
2013 Pictures selected for the Biennale in Verona Italy
2013 Entered in the International contemporary art book , Italy, “Best 20-21.century artists “
2013. Michelangelo Prize . Florence Italy.
2014 Finalist All India International Contest
2014 1st Art “Biennale”Principality of Monaco.Montecarlo
2014 l'Assessorato alla Cultura di Monreale "Trofeo il Tempio"
2014 Passion to Perform Art Competition,diploma,Toronto,Canada
2014 Year in Review. 2013 Group Show,SeeMe,New York
2014 Selected for 2nd.Biennale 2015 Palermo,Florence
2014 European Art exhibition - Gallery GAL - Denmark.
2014 Selected for 1°Premio ARTE CATANIA Italy
2014 Boticelli Prise ,Florence,Italy
2014. Selected for “Art in Eifel Tover”,Paris,France from Italy team
2014 Art competition net. Showcase “Still Life” ,Honorable Mention
2015 2nd.International Biennale Palermo, Italy
2015. Roma Imperiale International Prize (may 2015.)
2016. 1st “Prince of Salinas - Gattopardo” Art Critic Award
2016.The edition ," Inspiration international art book "Diploma
2016.Certificate of Excellence 20th Artavita Contest ,Santa Barbara USA
2017. Cristoforo Colombo int.Prize “Art Explorer “– Italy
2017.Cavallieri del Arte int. Prize “Knight of Arts “nternational– Italy
2017."Metropolitan Empire Prize". Costanza Foundation in the World
awarded in New York, at the American Folk Art Museum - MoMa. 2017. International Art Prize , Milano
2017.Francisco Goya International Award
2017. The edition ," Inspiration international art book "Diploma
2017.About Art Magazine 2016-2017 #3 Austria.
2017.Diego Velazquez International Art Award , Italy
2017.The "Academic Award, Oscar to the visual and literary arts" Costanza Found
2017/18. Metropolitan Empire Prize - New York
2017/18. Premio Academico Oscar - Constaza Internationa Found Italy
2019. WAA Latvia - Woman art award prize
2020.02. International exhibition award prize medal in the Vatican
2020. Artist of the future (USA)
2021. Contemporary Art Curator Magazine introduce Tatyana Palchuk, the Power of Creativity I Art Prize